4 points to differ between the seniors and master stylists

The hair salons consist of the three-tier hierarchy, mainly the junior, senior, and the master stylists. These three categories differ in their experience as the junior stylists have little experience, and the senior ones have more experience than that of juniors and are less than the master stylists. Some salons offer to Senior get a haircut discount priced at just $13.49, and this is so reasonable. Not everyone has knowledge about these categories and knows the difference between them.

Let us have a look and try to understand the difference between the senior and master stylists:-

  1. Education and experience

The education and experience needed for the master stylists are much more than that of the senior stylists. A master stylish need more experience to become master and attract the customer and grow in number.

  • Salary

The master stylists grow slowly as there is a great competition, and the pay or salary at the senior level tends to increase fast. Both stylists have to spend some time and make great efforts, but there is a difference in their salaries.

  • Haircuts and styles

Master stylists are master as they know a great number of haircuts and try and experience new styles every day, whereas the senior stylist has less knowledge about the cool and trendy hairstyles than the master stylists.

  • Number of customers

The master stylists attract a great number of customers than the senior stylists. As customers are attracted where they get a great number of hairstyles and also tend to get the hairstyle from the experienced stylists.

Final saying

There is a great difference between the master and senior stylists, but if you ever visit a salon, you’ll see that there are great numbers of senior stylists than master stylists and they will make professional styles, and you’ll definitely get an attractive look.

Pros And Cons Of Using Dead Sea Skin Care Products

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Dead Sea Skin Care Products are used to clean the skin from oil, dust, and impurities. With the usage of these products properly helps one to get oil-free and glowing skin type. It helps a person to solve dull skin and acne problems. It also contains some disadvantages that are essential to know for a simple user. Before using this type of product, it is necessary to consider some of its pros and cons. that will help in deciding whether to buy or use it or not.


•    Cleaning

The primary usage of this type of this product is cleaning of skin from dust, oil and other unnecessary impurities. One can easily clean their skin and get brighten, glowing and oil-free skin type. With that, all the cells of skin become pure and bright.

•    Advance skin care

Using natural Dead Sea Skin Care Products adds so many minerals and nutrients in your skin cells. That works as absorption of oil and unnecessary impurities from the skin. That helps a person to get glowing and oil free skin. Such type of minerals adds into the cells are-

1.    Magnesium,

2.    Sodium,

3.    Calcium,

4.    Potassium,

5.    Chloride, etc.


•    Effect sensitive skin

Although such type of product provides benefits, but they have such a dangerous effect on sensitive skin. It affects the delicate parts of the skin as it damages it properly and your skin becomes much dull. So it is essential to know for those people not to use this type of product which contains sensitive skin.

•    Not use daily

If one uses it daily, it can affect the skin type. Without making it glowing, it makes the skin dull and acne. So it is essential to use it safely once or twice a week.