What should you know about snapchat?

So you have decided to use snapchat and want to take the crazy pictures? If you want to get speed in getting better snapchat score, then we are here to sort your issue. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will discuss some of the tips which will help you to speed up your scores. You can follow the guidance of other websites also as they can also help you a lot in finding the best thing for you.

You have a snapcode

 When you go to start the snapchat, then you will find the snapcode in it which is having a ghost icon in it. This icon will help you to meet with new followers. You can share your ghost icon with your picture which will help you to have more followers to increase your identity on snapchat. You need just to take the snapcode icon’s pictures and need to have a friend who will help then to join or add you.

Send people to the sites

Do you know with the help of the snapcode, it will send people to your website also? You can customize the snapcode for your site. Tap on the ghost icon which is on your camera screen and then goes to the snapcode setting to create the snapcode. Don’t forget to add the address of your website and then tap to create. The app will create the link which will help the people to connect with your website directly.

So now, when you will go to start the snapchat then make sure that you will follow these things so that you can increase your snapchat score. With the help of the snapchat, you can make different crazy pictures which will help you to get entertain and have lots of fun.

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