Hasten Your Iced Coffee

Nothing can beat the amazing feeling you get while having your iced coffee at your favorite cafe or a restaurant. But did you know that one can ace up the iced coffee recipe at home?

Iced coffee is among the most enjoyed beverages in summers. As its lovers are increasing, the price tags are also increasing.  Iced coffee doesn’t mean to just pour some ice cubes in hot coffee, it’ll just dilute it and it’ll become watery. In this article below I’ve mentioned some tips to make and enjoy the iced coffee at home.

Want to learn, https://www.coffeetimeusa.com/how-to/how-to-make-iced-coffee.html?? If yes, then perfect. Here I‘ve set out the best way to make it: – Cold-brewed coffee.

•    Start with the coffee of good quality beans

  • The quality of the coffee beans matters a lot. Each coffee has its different taste and texture as well.
  • Therefore start with good quality coffee beans.

•     Brew the coffee

      If you don’t have a coffee maker then you can use this method to brew coffee:-

  • Take 1/3 cup of grounded coffee into a glass or any container of your choice. Pour 1 cup of cold water and start stirring.
  • Cover the mixture with a lid or foil paper and let it sit like that for 8 to 24 hours.
  • After that strain the mixture into another container through a fine filter (cheesecloth will do the work here).
  • Refrigerate the filtered coffee for a few hours until it gets ready for use.

•    Prepare iced coffee

  • To make the iced coffee mix one part of this concentrated cold coffee mixture with two or three parts water or milk according to your preference.
  • And your iced coffee is prepared.


This mixture will last you a few weeks. Now you don’t need to go to expensive restaurants and spend the money there. Instead, prepare this mixture in big batches and can have your glass of iced coffee anytime.

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