How can a person fill the form for esta and conditions required for it?

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After checking the eligibility of the visitor as the primary condition for obtaining the approval by the esta guide under the Visa Waiver Program, the resident status is verified. If the person is a resident citizen of the specific member countries, then the customer has to fulfill the following conditions noted down

  • The stay of the visitor should be of at most ninety days .
  • The US authorities should approve the application for traveling to the United States.
  • The person should possess electronic passport who has validity for the complete stay in the US.

How the application form is filled under esta guide?

In the starting, the person should get the online application form that can be on the official site of the esta. In the way, the person has to answer some questions for the reasons for the visit to travel. The person should have a passport when filling the online form. After filling the way, the payment should be made by the person through credit card for approval of the application form. The application form is then sent to the US government for approval of the travel.

If a person will get a positive or negative response within seventy-two hours of the form applied. The answer is positive, then the person has just to pack the luggage because the travel company will be informed directly to the visitor. A visitor should note down the reference number on a safe place as the approval of esta guide is available for only two years. The visitor should remember the stay of ninety days and frequent visits after the completion of ninety days are also not allowed by the government of the United States.

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