Lithium Orotate Powder and Its Negative Side Effects

Lithium Orotate Powder is a mixture of the four major electrolytes of water and is used as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of arthritis. It is said to increase mobility, joint flexibility and range of motion.

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There is a serious side effect that occurs when you use the drug. The risk of you having breathing difficulties from the drug can be high. It can also cause blurred vision, muscle weakness and slow heart rate.

If your doctor prescribes Lithium Orotate Powder to you, you should always follow the instructions in order to prevent any serious harm to you. You should not take this medicine if you have any type of lung disease such as emphysema or asthma.

You should also never use Lithium Orotate Powder in conjunction with other drugs such as aspirin or antibiotics because the drug might actually be dangerous. Make sure to tell your doctor if you are taking any other medicines to prevent any complications caused by this drug.

The dosage of Lithium Orotate Powder will depend on your current condition. If you are not receiving treatment for your condition, you should not take Lithium Orotate Powder at all.

In such people, it is wise to keep track of the dosage and avoid using more than is recommended. As with all medications, if you are using the medication in large doses or even under prescribed, you may experience negative side effects.

If you are diagnosed with an underlying condition, even if you are no longer suffering from the underlying condition, the negative side effects may occur. For example, if you take Lithium Orotate Powder and your heart is pumping less blood, you may experience an abnormally low heart rate or an abnormal rise in blood pressure.

In such cases, you may be required to take more of the drug. If you do not feel well, talk to your doctor or pharmacist and ask about alternatives to Lithium Orotate Powder.

Before you start taking Lithium Orotate Powder, your doctor will generally give you an instruction sheet. This will list the amount of powder that you need per day and show you the suggested dosages and the minimum acceptable daily intake of this drug.

In case you have any questions about Lithium Orotate Powder, ask your doctor. He will probably be able to answer any questions you may have about your particular situation.

When your physician prescribes Lithium Orotate Powder, he will also give you other information about the drug. Most importantly, he will tell you about any possible negative interactions that you may experience with other drugs that you may be currently taking.

These may include information about interactions with antibiotics, other drugs used to treat acne or even caffeine. It is important to be aware of any potential interactions so that you are able to discuss this with your doctor before you begin using Lithium Orotate Powder.

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